Baby Care
7.5% OFF

Enfamil A+2 800G Baby Milk

Rs. 3205.12 Rs. 3465

7.5% OFF

Nan 2 Optipro 400G Baby Milk

Rs. 1110 Rs. 1200

7.6% OFF

J&J Baby Wipes

Rs. 462.09 Rs. 500

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J&J Gold 200ML Baby Bath

Rs. 268.01 Rs. 290

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Biomil Plus 3 400G Baby Milk

Rs. 1248.75 Rs. 1350

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J&J 200ML Baby Lotion

Rs. 369.67 Rs. 400

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Pampers Jumbo No.5 Baby Pants 1x26

Rs. 1377.05 Rs. 1490

Immunity Boosters
COVID-19 Essentials
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Gallas Facial Mask

Rs. 462 Rs. 500

7.6% OFF

Dettol 50ML Hand Sanitizer

Rs. 221.8 Rs. 240

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Dettol Original 150ML Hand Wash

Rs. 198.7 Rs. 215

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Beurer Po-30 Pulse Oximeter

Rs. 5550 Rs. 6000

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Cool & Cool Gel 60ML Hand Sanitizer

Rs. 167.28 Rs. 181

Servaid - Pakistan’s largest & fastest growing Pharmacy Chain

Our unmatched home delivery service - delivered right to your doorstep

Servaid is providing you with an in-store and an online platform designed to streamline the process of acquiring overthe-counter and prescription medications With delivery right to your doorstep, Servaid is transforming the buyer’s experience of purchasing medicines and consumer items. Items can be ordered either through our e-commerce website or via the Servaid App (our mobile application is available on both iOS and android, download here)

Lahore Delivery Times - Between 2-3 hours of placing the order

Nationwide Delivery Times - Between 24-48 hours of placing the order


Revisiting the Customer Experience with Dawa Asaan

Remembering to refill your monthly medicines to address chronic conditions can be a hassle. Dawa Asaan, powered by Servaid, is a subscription service that will ensure that you never forget to take your meds. We aim to make your life easier by taking responsibility for delivering your pre-sorted medication, in simple daily pouches. All you have to do is to check the date and take the medication!

Dawa Asaan is a fantastic and convenient service for those who are taking long term medications, especially for the elderly. Gone are the days where you will now have to remember what you took, and when you took it.