We provide access to 100% genuine healthcare products to consumers across Pakistan with over 100 stores across 20 cities in Punjab.

Servaid was established in 2005 with a vision to market and sell products from all leading national and multinational pharmaceutical companies. With an extensive network of stores and qualified pharmacists on duty, Servaid differentiates itself with its focus on outstanding customer service and international standard stores. Servaid currently has over 100 stores operational nationwide in more than 20 cities. To find a store near you, just check out our store locator.

Easy access

With over 100 locations across Punjab, there’s a Servaid Pharmacy near you. Now, you can also order medicines online, through Whatsapp or through our dedicated hotline. Our team of qualified staff are available around the clock to meet your healthcare needs.

One Stop Solution

At Servaid, we strive to provide you with all your healthcare needs – medicines, supplements, medical equipment – with over 15,000 products in our range, you can be sure that if its legal in Pakistan, you will find it at Servaid.


We go beyond the call-of-duty to ensure that our products are 100% genuine. From supplier audits to temperature controlled warehouses, vans and stores, we make sure we take care of our products so that they reach you in perfect condition. Quality medicines deliver more effective treatments and we never compromise on our quality standards. You can be sure of that!

The journey so far

Servaid was conceived in 2005 but our real growth story started in 2015, when we dedicated ourselves to international standards. Today by the Grace of God, and support of millions of customers, we are the largest and fastest growing pharmacy chain in Pakistan. Our story will not stop here - stay tuned for more excitement to come.

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